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Newsletter Archive

August 2019 Issue: State of the LXI Security Working Group

April 2019 Issue: TSEP Kerberos: Self-Certification Tool and More

October 2018 Issue: TSEP Kerberos in Productive Operation at Rohde & Schwarz

July 2018 Issue: The Change in Remote Control from the Central Test Computer to
Distributed Systems

April 2018 Issue: LXI Security

November 2017 Issue: LXI Conformance Test Suite 3.0

July 2017 Issue: The IEEE 1588 Standard

April 2017 Issue: LXI Conformance: How to Get a Product Certified

January 2017 Issue: TSEP Collaboration with the LXI Consortium

September 2016 Issue: LXI Overview at AUTOTESTCON 2016

July 2016 Issue: The LXI Reference Design on Different Microcontrollers

April 2016 Issue: LXI Reference Design V 1.0

February 2016 Issue: Countdown to Launch the LXI Reference Design

November 2015 Issue: LXI Bridging VXI

July 2015 Issue: Python for LXI Instrument Control

April 2015 Issue: Expanding LXI With the Reference Design

Jan. 2015 Issue: LXI Reference Design is "Code Complete"

Sept. 2014 Issue: Internet/Network Trends and Technologies That Will Impact T&M

July 2014 Issue: LXI Reference Design: A Fine Step Forward

April 2014 Issue: LXI Conference – Singapore 2014

January 2014 Issue: HiSLIP for Fast Remote Control of LXI Instruments

November 2013 Issue: LXI instruments Enable Test Engineers to Take Advantage of Game-Changing Technologies

September 2013 Issue: Pickering Interfaces Counts on LXI for its High Performance Switching Matrix - The CERN Application

July 2013 Issue: Compact LXI Data Acquisition System Saves Gas Turbine Manufacturer Time and Ensures Reliability

May 2013 Issue: Ethernet Benefits Combined with Mandatory Conformance Testing Drive Demand for LXI in Automated Test Systems

March 2013 Issue: Wired Trigger Bus Physical Aspects

January 2013 Issue: Introducing LXI to a Network Administrator

October 2012 Issue: Introducing LXI to Your IT Department

September 2012 Issue: Safety Considerations for Configuring LXI-based ATE Systems

May 2012 Issue: How LXI Extended Functions Expand System Capability

Feb. 2012 Issue: Tips for Remote Testing Using LXI Devices and WiFi