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New LXI Products

TSEP Kerberos

TSEP Kerberos is a hardware and software solution to verify the LXI functionality of measurement and test devices. TSEP Kerberos combines all the necessary components and hardware elements to perform a LXI Conformance Test. TSEP Kerberos can also be used to validate existing compliant products (regression tests) in addition to the conformance test.

TSEP Kerberos hardware creates a separate network for the device-under-test (DUT) to run, therefore it is completely sealed off from interfering influences from the outside. The hardware allows for high automation of testing due to its capability to auto-disconnect the DUT, as well as its integrated router to set all necessary network protocols and settings for IPv4 and IPv6. The Kerberos environment is also able to test Clock Synchronization (IEEE 1588) due to two Precision Time Protocol (PTP) capable network adapters which simulate PTP devices in a network.

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Tektronix 5 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

With a remarkably innovative pinch-swipe-zoom touchscreen user interface, the industry's largest high-definition display, and 4, 6, or 8 FlexChannel™ inputs that let you measure one analog or eight digital signals, the 5 Series MSO is ready for today’s toughest challenges, and tomorrow’s too. It sets a new standard for performance, analysis, and overall user experience.

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AMETEK Programmable Power/VTI Instruments

The EX1401 delivers accuracies of ±0.20°C, 1000 V channel-channel isolation, built-in self-test capabilities, and independent 24-bit ADC’s per channel. Its ability to acquire data at 20K samples/second/channel allows its usage in high-speed temperature transient applications. Deploy it in a variety of applications, including automotive and battery testing, jet engine testing, highly accelerated life test/highly accelerated stress screening (HALT/HASS), and health monitoring. 

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Aim-TTi Announces New generation Portable Digital Multimeter

  • Low Cost Dual Display LXi DMM

Accurate, Portable, Affordable Bench DMM
Aim-TTi has announce the launch of the new DMM 1908, a programmable Digital Multimeter that offers the accuracy of a 5.5 Digit DMM with the convenience and isolation of battery operation.

The battery operation can give more than 35 hours of operation. As well as adding portability to the unit the battery option provides isolation from the mains to aid low level measurement integrity. The USB interface is full accessible in battery mode allowing full data logging when used with a laptop pc.

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R&S®NGE100 Power Supply Series

The R&S®NGE100 power supply series consists of robust, high-performance, affordable instruments.

Key Facts

  • R&S®NGE102 with two or R&S®NGE103 with three channels
  • Max. output power of 66 W with R&S®NGE102, 100 W with R&S®NGE103 (33.6 W per channel)
  • Max. output voltage of 32 V per channel (up to 64 V/96 V in serial operation)

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Pickering’s New 2-slot USB/LXI modular chassis - model 60-104

This 2–slot USB/LXI modular chassis offers a small lightweight form factor, making it ideal for portable, benchtop, and space restrictive applications. The chassis is designed for desk or rack mounting and features remote control via USB or LXI Ethernet. The USB compatible and LXI compliant interfaces enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers—allowing for a very cost effective route into the modular test and measurement market. It supports one or two of Pickering’s over 1,000 3U PXI modules.


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Keysight Technologies

N6705C DC Power Analyzer, Modular, 600 W, 4 Slots

Key Features & Specifications

  • 4-slot mainframe holds up to 600 W of total power and up to 4 modules. More than 30 DC power modules to choose from (modules ordered separately)
  • Voltmeter accuracy: Up to 0.025% + 50 µV, up to 18 bits
  • Ammeter accuracy: Up to 0.025% + 8 nA, up to 18 bits
  • Arbitrary waveform generator function: Bandwidth up to 100 kHz, output power up to 500 W
  • Scope function: Digitizes voltage and current at up to 200 kHz, 512 kpts, up to 18 bits
  • Data logger function: Measurement interval from 20 µs to 60 s, max of 500 M readings per datalog
  • 4 GB of non-volatile data storage for data log, scope traces, instrument settings

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High Power DC Electronic Load Model 63200A series

Key Features:

  • Rated power:3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 12kW, 18kW, 24kW, Max. 240kW (Parallel)
  • Voltage range: 150V, 600V, 1200V
  • Current range: 2,000A max. per unit
  • CC, CR, CV & CP operation modes
  • CR+CC, CR+CV, CC+CV complex modes
  • Up to 10 units master/slave parallel control
  • Dynamic synchronous control in static and dynamic loads
  • User defined waveform (UDW)
  • CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation
  • External loading current simulation
  • Auto frequency sweep up to 50kHz
  • Real time power supply load transient response simulation & Vpk+/- measurement

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Pickering Interfaces

2-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis

This 2-slot USB/LXI modular chassis offers a small lightweight form factor, making it ideal for portable, benchtop, and space restrictive applications. The chassis is designed for desk or rack mounting and features remote control via USB or LXI Ethernet. Remote control over a network enables the switching function of a test system to be located as close as possible to the target equipment.

The 60-104 chassis supports one or two Pickering 3U PXI modules, it is the perfect platform to construct small scale applications. Possible systems include switching matrices up to 1104 crosspoints, 396 channel multiplexer or up to 36 channels of programmable resistor/sensor simulation.

The 2-slot chassis is USB 3.0 compatible, has a fully compliant LXI interface and also comes with the availability of a Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately). These communications standards enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers and tablets that support HTML5; allowing for a very practical route into a variety of applications in the modular test and measurement market.

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CHYNG HONG ELECTRONIC Co. Ltd. DSP-WR Series Power Supplies

Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply(CV , CC , CP)


Input & Output

  • Wide range output, programmable voltage, current and power.
  • 3U height, output voltage from 0~80V up to 0~1500V, output current from 0~30A up to 0~540A.
  • Output power 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, in total 18 models available for selection.
  • Simply construct 10 units to become a 150kW power supply by using the optional pre-assembled rack cabinet.
  • Maximum output current up to 5400A.
  • Three phase UNIVERSAL input, 3ø 180~460VAC (47~63Hz).
  • Active power factor correction PF > 0.95.
  • Efficiency > 95%

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Good Will Instrument GSP-93xx Spectrum Analyzers

GSP-9300 Spectrum Analyzer Demo Videos on YouTube

GSP-9300 is a light, compact and high C/P ratio 3GHz spectrum analyzer. The GSP-9300 frequency range stretches from 9kHz to 3GHz and features many functions such as radio frequency and power measurement, 2FSK digital communications analysis, EMC pretest, and active component P1dB point measurement, etc. It can support the fast sweep speed up to 307us. It is the ideal instrument for various application fields such as the basic operation of R&D, research and school lecture, engineering maintenance and test for mass production. This light and compact spectrum analyzer is also suitable for automatic test systems and vehicle mounted operation.

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Tektronix TBS2000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

With a 9-inch WVGA display, 20 million point record length and 1 GS/s sample rate, TBS2000 Series Oscilloscopes capture and display significantly more signal to help you evaluate designs faster. Easily and confidently analyze your signals with new on-waveform cursor readouts and 32 automated measurements, each with informative tips to help you quickly choose the right one. The TekVPI® probe interface works with traditional BNC connections, but also enables wide application coverage with the latest active voltage probes and current probes.

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Keysight Power Meters & Power Sensors

Keysight power meters operate with sensors of various types (CW, average and peak and average), covering numerous frequency and power ranges to accurately measure the power of RF and microwave signals. Applications include testing the output power of communication base-station transmitters, cellular telephones, radar system equipment, and much more.

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Pickering LXI Modular Matrix Chassis

The modular matrix chassis offers you a solution that can be easily re-configured by the insertion and removal of sub-cards. It is purchased as an empty chassis with a quantity of sub-cards required for a particular matrix size. As your requirements evolve, additional cards can be easily fitted. When new cards are added, the control software automatically detects the new configuration. 

Key Features:

  • 65-200 LXI Modular Matrix Chassis Without Plugin Modules
  • User configurable for X and Y dimensions
  • Simple ethernet based control
  • Fully compliant to LXI 1.4
  • Full rack width, 2U high
  • 6 slots for plugin modules

R&S®RTO Digital Oscilloscope

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes combine excellent signal fidelity, up to 16 bit resolution and high acquisition rates with a compact device format in the 600 MHz to 4 GHz class.

Key Facts:

  • 600 MHz to 4 GHz bandwidths
  • 2 or 4 channels
  • Up to 16-bit vertical resolution
  • 1.000.000 waveforms/s
  • Up to 20 Gsample/s

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Pacific Power Source AFX Series

The AFX Series is a family of high power, single, split and three phase, AC, DC and AC+DC output capable Power Sources. Available models range from 9 kVA to 60 kVA. Using a modern user interface for ease of use, the AFX Series is cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line or DC power disturbance test applications.

All AFX models offer single, split and three phase output configurations. The AFX is a state-of-the-art design using the latest digital power conversion technologies. Power density is among the highest in the industry allowing 15 kVA/kW of power in only 4U (7") of rack space.

Great emphasis has been placed on energy efficiency, ease of installation, and maximum power per cubic inch of rack space. Control and operational features provide a high degree of application versatility and ease of use for the test engineer. Applications range from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic immunity testing and sophisticated transient simulation.

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Tektronix MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

6–in–1 Versatility PLUS High Performance in One Powerful Oscilloscope

The new MDO4000C includes up to six built-in instruments, each with exceptional performance to address tough challenges.

Every MDO4000C features powerful triggering, search and analysis, and these are the only scopes to offer synchronized analog, digital and RF signal analysis at the same time -- ideal for wireless communications in IoT and EMI troubleshooting.

The MDO4000C is completely customizable and fully upgradable. Add the instruments you need now – or later. A new Total Protection Plan is available to protect your investment, even from accidental damage.

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Keithley 2281S-20-6 Precision DC Supply and Battery Simulator, 20V, 6A

The Series 2281S Battery Simulator and Precision DC Power Supply innovatively integrates battery simulation with the functions of a high-precision power supply and battery testing. It's able to analyze the DC consumption of a device under test, test a battery, generate a battery model based on the battery charging process, and simulate a battery based on the battery model. The 2281S-20-6 can output voltage and current up to 20V and 6A and sink current up to 1A.

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Pickering Interfaces New High-Density Switching Matrix (model 60-553)

This new matrix is a 1024x4 dual bus 1-pole matrix in a compact 1U full rack width enclosure. The product has been designed specifically to support high relay closure counts to optimize its use with a digital multimeter (DMM) or source meter for checking for insulation problems between a single contact and all other contacts in the unit under test (UUT), requiring the closure of up to 1024 crosspoint relays. This matrix is also supported by diagnostic test tools—Built-in Relay Self-Test and eBIRST Switching System Tools—both provide a quick and simple way of identifying faulty switching systems.

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Keysight N8937APV Photovoltaic Array Simulator, 1500 VDC, 208 VAC

The Keysight N8937APV Photovoltaic (PV) Array Simulator enables you to develop, verify and optimize the performance of your inverter maximum power point tracking algorithms. Developing and verifying the performance of inverter maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms is challenging. MPPT algorithms are complex, and under-the-sun testing with a comprehensive set of temperature and irradiance conditions is difficult, expensive and time consuming.

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R&S®FPS Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S®FPS is an exceptionally fast and compact signal and spectrum analyzer for performance oriented users. In production and in monitoring systems, only 2 HU of rack space are required – a reduction of 50 % compared with traditional instruments.

High throughput for efficient production

  • Up to five times faster than other signal and spectrum analyzers
  • Fast switchover between instrument setups
  • Fast and accurate measurement results
  • Reduced volume in test racks
  • Customized test routines for production applications
  • Efficient operation via remote control

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VTI Instruments RX0124

The RX0124 is part of VTI's RX series family of rugged instruments with built in sensor signal conditioning. The RX0124 is designed to address all strain/bridge measurement requirements for use in a harsh test cell environment. All connections and operations are designed for rugged operation by using Mil-Grade connections for all inputs.

The RX0124 is capable of:

  • 24 simultaneous sampling ADC's and Bridge signal conditioning with 4-to-1 multiplexers to support 96 channels
  • Bridge Completion Selections of 120Ω, 350Ω, and 1000Ω
  • Ethernet interface for simplified scalability and distributability of measurements
  • 24-bit A/D converters per channel with selectable sample rate of up to 128Ksa/s.

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HTLX2920 16-channel High Power Switch Module

HTLX2920 is an LXI-based 16-channel BASE-CALSS high power switch module which is composed of 16 high power SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switches. Each channel is allocated with one relay to realize independent control and use of 16 channels. HTLX2920 can realize the hot switching of such power signals as 300VDC/20A or 80VDC/60A.

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USWI C3 Plug-in Controller & CPU


Today's satellite communication, ATE and broadcast applications demand reliability and stability. Our extensive C3 development process has resulted in an elegant and dependable platform. When we provide switching and distribution equipment solutions for these critical applications, our C3 controller CPU is at the heart.

The C3 has built-in 10/100 Ethernet, USB and multi-serial (RS-232C, RS-422A & RS-485) ports to provide remote access and control for automating your signal connections. Sophisticated features like SNMP (ver2) IPv4, and IPv6 are standard. For popular connection schemes, you can also store and recall your own popular connectivity layouts in the on-board flash. A microSD chip can be added for applications where system settings must remain in a secure or secret facility.

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Kikusui PBZ Series Intelligent Bi-Polar Power Supplies

The PBZ series is a bipolar type DC regulated power source that can continuously change both + and – polarities passing through 0 without changing the output terminal.

By adopting a “Switching + Linear” system, the PBZ is able to realize both drastic weight reduction as well as high speed and low noise operation. Since operation covers 4 quadrants, power can be both supplied (source) and absorbed (sink). The PBZ can also drive inductive or capacitive loads. The unit also equips a signal generator function which enables waveform and sequence creation. The PBZ is also capable of synchronized operation which is required for voltage variation tests, and it can also be expanded for large current applications through master-slave parallel operation.

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Keysight B2987A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter
World’s only graphical electrometer that allows you to confidently measure small currents with 0.01 fA (0.01 x 10-15 A) resolution and large resistances of up to 10 PΩ (10 x 1015 Ω).


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TTI MX Series - Multi-output compact power supplies for bench or system
315 watts triple outputs with range switching - USB, RS232, GPIB & LAN interfaces (LXI compliant)


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Keithley Model 2280S-32-6 Precision Measurement DC Power Supply, 32V, 6A
The Series 2280S Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies can source stable, low noise voltages as well as monitor load currents over a wide dynamic range from amps to nanoamps.


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Good Will Instrument GSP-9300 Spectrum Analyzer is a 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer designed upon a new generation platform. The high stability, large screen display, light weight and compact size of GSP-9300 benchmark a new standard for 3GHz spectrum analyzer in the market. Its advanced features, Spectrogram and Topography, greatly expand the application range and elevate the importance of a spectrum analyzer in the role as the irreplaceable RF analysis instrument. GSP-9300 is equipped with various interfaces, including LXI, USB, RS-232 and GPIB (optional).

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DSA815   |  1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Rigol's new DSA815 spectrum analyzer redefines the product category by setting new standards for performance and price. The DSA815 features a unique widescreen display, compact design and easy-to-use interface and operations, making it ideal for benchtop or field apps in RF and wireless testing and production. The new spectrum analyzer offers the ability to measure smaller signals using our digital IF filter, which allows for smaller bandwidth settings and reduces displayed noise levels. The DSA815 also distinguishes between signals with a frequency difference as little as 100 Hz.   The DSA815 includes a wide range of standard functions including AM/FM demodulation and a preamplifier.

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Rigol DSA815

Keysight Audio Analyzer 8903


  • Analog and Digital Audio Analysis
  • Characterize signal-to-noise ratio, SINAD, IMD, DFD, THD+N ratio, THD+N level, crosstalk, and more
  • View numerical and graphical displays of measurement results
  • 2 in 1 screen (generator and analyzer in the same display screen)


  • 5ppm frequency accuracy for generator and analyzer
  • ±1% amplitude accuracy for generator and analyzer
  • -101dB analyzer residual distortion + noise at 20Hz to 20kHz
  • ±0.01dB signal flatness

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R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

Setting standards in RF performance and usability

The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer was developed to meet demanding customer requirements. Offering low phase noise, wide analysis bandwidth and straightforward and intuitive operation, the analyzer makes measurements fast and easy.

Key Facts
  • Frequency range from 2 Hz to 8/13.6/26.5/43.5/50/67 GHz (with external harmonic mixers from Rohde & Schwarz up to 110 GHz)
  • Low phase noise of –137 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz offset (1 GHz carrier)
  • Up to 500 MHz analysis bandwidth

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PNA Network Analyzers,
300 kHz to 1.1 THz

Reach for unrivaled excellence

When you’re characterizing active devices, the right mix of speed and performance gives you an edge. In R&D, the PNA family provides a level of measurement integrity that helps you transform deeper understanding into better designs. On the production line, our PNAs deliver the throughput and repeatability you need to transform great designs into competitive products. Every Agilent VNA is the ultimate expression of our expertise in linear and nonlinear device characterization. Choose a PNA—and reach for unrivaled excellence in your measurements and your designs:

  • PNA-X: Thoroughly characterize active devices with a single instrument
  • PNA: Reach new levels of performance in microwave component test
  • PNA-L: Achieve greater yields and tighter guard bands

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VTI Instruments EMX-2500 LXI-PXI Controller

The EMX-2500 is the first gigabit Ethernet based PXI Express interface. This combines Ethernet's widespread usage and robust architecture with instrumentation-specific functionality, such as wired trigger bus and IEEE-1588-2008 synchronization, and extends it for use in VTI’s PXI Express mainframes, making it an ideal solution for data acquisition applications.

• Industry's first gigabit Ethernet Remote controller for PXI express mainframes
• Up to 100 MB/s sustained throughput
• Allows remote access to VTI's SentinelEX family of PXIe instruments from anywhere in the world
• Simplified instrument discovery and usage – just type in the IP address to connect to the instrument
• Multi-chassis synchronization using precision IEEE-1588-2008 standard time source
• Easy to set up for distributed data acquisition systems

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Upgraded Version of LXI Modular Chassis from Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces has introduced an upgraded version of its popular LXI Modular Chassis. The 60-102B and 60-103B Chassis increase the Ethernet interface speed to 1Gb from 100Mb and adds an IP display that shows the Chassis IP address.

The LXI Modular Chassis provides an easy way of supporting Pickering’s 3U PXI modules in an LXI control environment. All Pickering’s PXI switching products, simulators such as resistor modules, and battery emulators are supported. The majority of their PXI instruments and power supply products are also supported. The 60-102B allows up to 7 PXI modules, the 60-103B up to 18 PXI modules.

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High power / CVCC programmable regulated DC power supply

VOL series is the new standard model of rack mountable DC power supply that is designed on attention to "Wide variety", "High reliability", and "Cost performance."

Offering original low noise switching method and wide lineups of 6 to 650V/600W to 15kW total of 120 models to meet various applications. Also it is to achieve high reliability as a result of out high voltage power supply technology built up over 30 years. In addition, by carefully selecting the features and pursue the cost down, we could achieve power supplies which keeps same low noise, high stability, and high reliability, but more reasonable price. For more information, click here.

Matsusada PS

Keithley’s new Model 2450 Interactive Touchscreen Source Measure Unit

World’s First Interactive Touchscreen Source Measure Unit Instrument

Keithley has introduced the first benchtop source measure unit (SMU) instrument with a capacitive touchscreen graphical user interface.  The Model 2450 is an innovative, compact I-V solution that offers the capabilities of I-V systems, curve tracing, and semiconductor analyzers at a fraction of their cost.  It combines an intuitive touchscreen and icon-based control with exceptional versatility to enable engineers and scientists to learn faster, work smarter, and invent easier. With its intuitive user experience, performance, and versatility, the Model 2450 will be the favorite go-to instrument for getting more done in less time - now and for years to come. 
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Agilent N6900, N7900 DC Power Supply Series

1000W & 2000W Advanced & Dynamic Power System DC Power Supplies, Single Output

The Advanced Power System (APS) family consists of 1 kW and 2 kW system DC power supplies that deliver a new level in power supply performance enabled by Agilent’s exclusive VersaPower architecture. The APS family was designed to help you overcome your toughest power test challenges by delivering industry-leading specifications and innovative features in an integrated solution for advanced automated test equipment (ATE) power testing needs.

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Rigol DS1000Z Series Oscilloscopes

70-100 MHz 4 channel deep memory oscilloscopes with optional integrated 2 channel waveform generator

The DS1000Z Series is the new economic level Digital Oscilloscope from Rigol to meet the customer's applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. The DS1000Z 4 channel oscilloscopes come in 70 or 100 MHz versions with a 7 inch display and Rigol's UltraVision technology as well as a host of options. Add the optional analysis, decoding, deep memory, and integrated 2 channel waveform generator for a powerful 4 channel scope at an exceptional price.


Spectrum Digitizer DN2.4xx

The digitizerNETBOX DN2.46x series allows recording of one, two, four, eight or 16 synchronous channels with sampling rates of 200 kS/s up to 3 MS/s.


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Tektronix AWG70000A

Unparalleled Performance
The need for high-performance arbitrary waveform generation is broad and spans a wide array of applications. The industry-leading AWG70000A Series arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) represents the cutting edge in performance, sample rate, signal fidelity, and waveform memory. The ability to create, generate, or replicate either ideal, distorted, or “real-life” signals is essential in design, testing and operations of some of the world’s most complex data communications systems.

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Agilent 34461A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit, 34401A Replacement, Truevolt DMM

  • Display DMM results in ways you never have before
    Color, graphical display with built-in bar chart, histogram, trend, math, and statistics
  • I/O: USB, LAN/LXI, GPIB (optional)
  • DMM Connectivity Utility software enables control, capture and views of your DMM's data on your PC or mobile device with a single click

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Tabor Electronics Signal Sources - High Speed AWGs

The WaveXciter Series can generate literally any waveform, at frequencies up to 1GHz with 8 digits of resolution and 1 point granularity.


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R&S FSW50 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S FSW50 signal and spectrum analyzer characterizes wideband signals continuously up to 50 GHz.


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Kepco Series KLN Power Supplies

The Kepco Series KLN is a new family of automatic crossover, low-profile, high-performance, low-cost programmable power supplies.


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Magna-Power Electronics TS Series IV Power Supplies

80 Different Models: Voltage Range: Up to 4000 Vdc; Current Range: Up to 2700 Adc; Enclosure: Rack-mount, 3U to 9U


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Agilent InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series DSO and MSO Oscilloscopes

Industry’s fastest 1,000,000 waveforms/sec update rate; MegaZoom IV uncompromised smart memory technology; standard segmented memory.


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Pickering Interfaces 65-110 WLXI Wideband Modular Matrix

The 65-110 is a new modular platform providing a solution for connecting up to 16 of 104 X connections simultaneously to16 measuring devices on the Y axis with a usable BW of 500MHz. A version supporting 8 Y connections is also available for use in systems requiring fewer measuring devices. Matrix size can be reconfigured by users by adding or removing modules.

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Data Translation DT8824-HV LXI Module

Data Translation’s DT8824-HV LXI Module extends ultra-accurate, high-stability measurements to high voltage ranges. The DT8824-HV features a standard full scale range of ±600V, with input gains of 1, 8, 16, and 32 to provide effective ranges of: ±600V, ±75V, ±37.5V, and ±18.75V. The DT8824-HV provides ±1000V galvanic isolation channel-to-channel on all analog input signals and to the host computer to protect signal integrity. Accuracy of ±10ppm, temperature coefficient of ±0.05µV/° C, CMRR of greater than 150dB, 1.5ppm maximum noise, all at a sampling rate of up to 4800 Hz per channel.

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EADS North America Test and Services’ Racal Instruments™ 1256L, LXI Switching System

The 12-slot, 2U 1256L is a high-density, high-performance switching system solution designed to satisfy many different applications.  Based on the proven Racal Instruments™ switching legacy, the 1256L is compatible with the Adapt-a-Switch™ series of plug-in switching and digital I/O products.  With SCPI command set for remote control from any type of controller and an LXI interface with web page control for each switching plug-in, the 1256L provides easy access to all relay states, system preferences, and non-volatile memory features in both Linux™ and Windows® operating systems.

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Kikusui PWX750ML DC Power Supply
1U Multi Range Programmable DC Power Supply (Switching system, CV/CC)

The PWX750ML is a constant voltage (CV)/constant current (CC) automatic crossover DC power supply, which enables you to combine a wide range of voltages and currents within the output power rating. A seamless operation range is provided from 80V-9.38A to 26.8V-28A. A single PWX750ML can cover an extensive output range equivalent to what is provided by several units of a conventional single range DC power supply.

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RIGOL DP831A Programmable Linear Direct Current Power Supply


Agilent B2961A 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source

  • 6.5 digit source
  • Wide and bipolar voltage/current sourcing (100 nV - 210 V / 10 fA - 10.5 A, 31.8W)
  • Best-in-class noise performance (10 µVrms, 1nVrms/√Hz) with external filter
  • Precision arbitrary waveform capability with support for seven built-in functions and user defined waveforms (10 mHz - 10 kHz)
  • 4.5 digit built-in voltage/current monitoring capability (minimum resolution: 10 µV / 1 pA)
  • Graphical capability supporting time domain voltage/current monitoring on the front panel
  • Programmable output resistance
  • Intuitive graphical user interface on 4.3 inch wide color LCD
  • LXI Core Conformant, USB 2.0, GPIB, LAN and digital I/O interface

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The First LXI IPv6 Conformant Instrument:
Agilent B2900A Series of Precision Source/Measure Units

The B2901A/B2902A/B2911A/B2912A precision source/measure units (SMUs) are cost-effective source/measurement solutions offering superior performance and a best-in-class graphical user interface. They have broad voltage (210V)/current (3A DC, 10.5A pulse) sourcing capabilities, excellent precision (10fA/100nV) sourcing/measuring resolution and an innovative graphical user interface enabling faster and more efficient test, debug and characterization. The B2900A series Precision SMUs are ideal bench-top instruments for a wide variety of markets including both development and manufacturing of semiconductors, electronic components, precision electronics and research & education.

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Agilent E4982A LCR Meter, 1 MHz to 3 GHz

The E4982A LCR Meter provides the best performance for the passive component manufacturing such as SMD inductors and EMI filters, where impedance testing at high frequencies (1 MHz to 3 GHz) is required. Not only for the manufacturing, the E4982A can also be utilized for R&D, quality assurance with the powerful functions such as list measurements.

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LCR meter

Tektronix AWG7000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Uncompromised performance with ultimate flexibility. The AWG7000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators, with up to 24 GS/s and 10 Bit vertical resolution, deliver the industry's best signal stimulus solution for ever-increasing measurement challenges. This allows for easy generation of very complex signals, complete with controllable jitter, noise and other signal impairments.

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Keithley’s Model 2651A High Power System SourceMeter®

Keithley’s Model 2651A High Power System SourceMeter® instrument is designed for characterizing high power electronics, providing the industry’s widest current range, which is critical for applications such as testing high brightness LEDs (HBLEDs), power semiconductors, DC-DC converters, etc. Unlike competitive solutions, which typically have limited power, measurement speed, and/or resolution, the Model 2651A can source or sink up to 2,000W of pulsed power or 200W of DC power. It can also make precise measurements of signals as low as 1pA and 100 microvolts at speeds up to one microsecond per reading.

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Keithley 3561a

Rigol Technologies DS4000 Digital Oscilloscopes

The DS4000 series digital oscilloscope is a versatile, high performance oscilloscope that incorporates many of today’s most advanced technologies and processes. Featuring bandwidths between 100MHz and 500MHz, sample rates up to 4GSa/s and up to 4 analog channels, the DS4000 is ideal for a wide variety of markets including communications, defense, aerospace, industrial electronics, R&D and educational fields.

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Hitech Group International Ltd HTLX3730A: LXI 100MSPS Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The HTLX3730A is a 100Ms/s arbitrary waveform generator featuring 43MHz maximum output rate (sine) and up to 256MB of onboard memory. The sample data and instructions of arbitrary waveforms can be edited by users and stored in the onboard memory, and then the data is read into the DAC circuit via the engine produced by onboard waveforms, and finally the waveforms are successively output through such analog channels as filter, gain and attenuation etc. A signal used as a trigger can be routed out to any destination listed in the Marker Destination specification.

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Pickering 60-590-002 LXI High Density 40x40 Matrix

  • Single Pole High Density Matrix
  • 40x20 and 40x40 Versions
  • Loop-Thru Connections For Easy Expansion
  • Isolation Switching For Maximum Bandwidth and Contact Life
  • Uses High Quality Electro-mechanical Relays
  • Switch Up To 300Vdc/250Vac With 60W Maximum Power
  • Maximum Switch Current of 2A
  • 1U Rack Mountable Enclosure
  • Fully Compliant To 1.3 LXI Standard

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