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Test Systems Using LXI

Test Systems Using LXI With almost 3678 products conformant to the LXI standard, virtually any test system can consist solely of LXI instrumentation.

There are more than 313 product families of LXI Devices to choose from, as listed in the Products page. With the release of the LXI Reference Design, Version 1.0, in March 2016, the number and variety of LXI products will expand more quickly.

The paper Test Systems Using LXI provides example test systems built with LXI instrumentation.

AC/DC Power Supplies Electronic load LXI Event Detector Power Meter Solar Array Simulator
Amplifier EMI Receiver LXI Trigger Power Supply Monitors Sound and Vibration
Attenuation Control Units Frequency Counter LXI-PXI Controller Scanning / Measuring System Source Measure Unit
Audio Analyzer Function / AWG Mezanine Carrier SI - Downconnector Source/Measure Switch
Baseband Generator Function Card Carrier Microwave Tuner SI - Function / AWG Spectrum Analyzer
Capacitance Meter Impedance Analyzer Multifunction Mainframes SI - 1 F Digitizer Switch
Data Acquisition Interface Module Multiple App Platform SI - Upconverter System Source Meter
Digitizer JTAG/Boundary Scan Network Analyzer Signal Analyzer System Switch / DMM
DMM LCR Meter Optical Power Meter Signal Generators Thermocouple Instrument
Drawer Fixture LXI Bridge Oscilloscopes Signal Source Analyzer Wireless Comm Tester