Use the connection you already know!

LXI Discovery Tool

LXI Discovery tools help you find and identify the LXI instruments available to your computer on the network. Measurement and Automation Explorer from National Instruments, and Agilent Connection Expert from Agilent Technologies, make it easy to discover LXI devices, connect to their Web interface, and configure them for VISA or IVI communications.

If you only intend to communicate with the LXI device through its Web interface, you can also use the free LXI System Discovery Tool developed for the LXI Consortium by Pickering Interfaces. For more information on the LXI Discovery Tool, click here.

LXI Support for IPv6 and HiSLIP Video

Note: It is not necessary to use one of the LXI Discovery tools above to communicate with the device. You could simply connect to its Web interface using its hostname or IP address.