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LXI Core Features

LXI Device Specification 2016 Version 1.5 is defined as a set of “Core” features and optional Extended Functions, which have replaced the Class model in previous versions. The following is a summary of the key features of the LXI Core specification:

Open industry standards

LXI is based on widely used industry standards such as TCP/IP Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6, Web browsers and IVI drivers.

High-speed Ethernet I/O

LXI is based on Ethernet technology, the most widely accepted communications interface in use today. Ethernet I/O provides backward compatibility and standard connections. Nearly every computer is manufactured with an integrated Ethernet interface, and networking hardware is becoming increasingly inexpensive.

Built-in standardized Web interface

Many test and measurement instruments provide Ethernet/LAN connectivity, but the LXI standard ensures that instruments support W3C-compliant browser-based information in order to be compliant with the LXI standard. With the Web interface users can:

LXI Web Interface

  • Easily configure and operate the instruments from a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Collect and analyze data without software programming
  • Operate instruments remotely, either across the lab or across the globe
  • Set parameters for IEEE 1588, LXI Events, and the LXI Wired Trigger Bus (for devices that support these optional Extended Functions)

Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) drivers

All LXI devices include an Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) driver for programmatic control. The IVI driver provides a consistent programming interface for all LXI devices. The IVI standards ensure that the driver works well in a variety of programming environments, provide high performance interfaces, and ease program development and maintenance. LXI instruments optionally provide IVI class-compliant drivers. Class-compliant drivers also comply with common definitions for classes of instruments and simplify instrument interchangeability. For more information regarding IVI drivers, visit the IVI Foundation web site.