Use the connection you already know!

The LXI Discovery Tool discovers LXI Devices on your LAN subnet, the place where your computer and LXI Device can ―see each other. The tool can discover LXI Devices, because it understands the services and protocols required by the LXI specification.

Since programming LXI Devices typically requires the VISA Library (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) for communication, you may already have Agilent, National Instruments, or Tektronix VISA I/O Library installed on your computer. If so, each of those software packages already includes a discovery and configuration tool. Agilent Connection Expert, NI MAX, and TekVISA Configuration are the associated discovery and configuration tools. Refer to their Help documentation for more information on your particular installation to learn more.

For the purposes of these guides, the LXI Discovery Tool provides the only tool needed to discover and communicate with your LXI Device. It will not interfere with the VISA Library software you may already have installed.

LXI Devices conformant to LXI Standard Version 1.3 (2008) and later are required to support the mDNS service. Although mDNS is not required for the LXI Discovery Tool to execute properly, since there are other discovery mechanisms required by LXI Devices, it is recommended you install the Bonjour software. The mDNS service provides a very fast method of LXI Device discovery and is implemented on LXI Devices since 2008.

Download the Apple Bonjour Printer Services installation file from the Apple Web site at AppleBonjourPrintServices. There will be a link on that page to the latest version of the Bonjour Print Service for Windows. Please use version v2.0.2 and later for proper operation of the LXI Discovery Tool.


To view/download the LXI Discovery Tool Installation Guide (May 5, 2013), click here.

To download the LXI Discovery Tool (57MB), click here.