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LXI Version 1.6 - Secure Network Connection

The LXI Version 1.6 has been released, with updated specifications to address the need for secure network communication with LXI devices. These updates include:

  • LXI Security Extended Function: A new specification that establishes requirements for LXI instruments that provide secure network connections for both command-and-control and for the instrument's web interface.
  • LXI API Extended Function: A new specification that specifies a REST API to configure and query the settings on an instrument that are important for the instrument to work in a secure environment.
  • LXI Device specification: Security updates to require an HTTPS web server and not allow the use of a blank password. Several other minor updates were made to incorporate LXI Version 1.5 clarifications and other changes.
  • LXI HiSLIP Extended Function: Updates to require IVI HiSLIP rev 2 which optionally supports secure connections using TLS and Client/Server authentication. These features are optional in the LXI HiSLIP Extended Function but are required if the instrument supports the LXI Security Extended Function.
  • LXI IPv6 Extended Function: Updates to align with the NIST IPv6 Profile requirements, static and DHCPv6 addressing are now required, added more enable/disable capabilities and LXI Extended Functions supported on IPv4 must also be supported on IPv6.

  • The LXI Consortium has been collaborating with the IVI Foundation for several years to identify and develop standards to secure instrument network communication and access in an Automated Test System (ATS).

    For more details on LXI Version 1.6:

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