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TSEP Collaboration with the LXI Consortium

By Geschäftsführer Dipl. Ing.(FH) Peter Plazotta

Who is TSEP?

TSEP is a software and hardware development company, which was founded in 1988 and employs today more than 20 staff members with different skills. TSEP develops complete solutions for measurement devices and test systems.

TSEP had its first experience with LXI in 2005, while implementing the LXI Standard 1.0 for a German measurement company. Over the years, TSEP has implemented the complete standard for different companies.

In 2014, the LXI Consortium initiated the development of an LXI reference design, and they contracted TSEP for the design and development. In the same year, TSEP joined the LXI Consortium as a Participating Member. TSEP promotes and works actively on the LXI standard, mainly in Europe.

"On behalf of the LXI Consortium, I would like to thank TSEP and Peter Plazotta, TSEP CEO, for the tremendous contributions they have made to the LXI Consortium and its members. TSEP is an extremely valuable member and partner for the LXI Consortium. One of TSEP’s many contributions was to develop a T&M industry-first reference design implementation of a T&M industry standard, the LXI Reference Design implementation of the LXI Standard for the LXI Consortium membership. I am excited that TSEP continues to be an active member and partner with the LXI Consortium!” said Steve Schink, President of the LXI Consortium.



IVI Web Forum Question and Answer:
Is Ivi.Visa.IMessageBasedFormatedIO.WriteLine() thread-safe?

Answered by Kirk Fertitta, Pacific Mindworks
for the
IVI Web Forum

Note:  Offering an IVI driver is a requirement for all LXI-conformant instruments, something you will find in the LXI Device Specification 2016, Section 6.1. The IVI Web Forum is hosted by the IVI Foundation.It was created to answer the more practical questions that arise when using the IVI Drivers to program test systems. To see a list of the IVI Drivers, click here. To view this question/answer in the Forum, click here.

I have two threads that try to send a command to the same serial instrument possibly at the same time. For example, thread A tries to send "ABC" and thread B tries to send "123". Would the instrument receive the correct strings regardless of the timing? I'm using
to do that. If it is NOT thread-safe, I would have to add "lock" to the statement so that only a single thread can execute WriteLine() at a given time.
@tetsuo shimizu

No, you can use IVI-COM drivers in C++ perfectly fine. You do not need the IVI-COM adapter. That is specifically for the where you have an NI tool that requires and IVI-C driver and you only have an IVI-COM driver. It's really an adapter for their tooling -- nothing more.

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LXI Device Specification 2016, Revision 1.5

By Peter Plazotta, TSEP

In November, the LXI Consortium published the LXI Device Specification 2016, revision 1.5.  In this new release, the specification is more structured and open for future development. In simplifying and reorganizing the main specification document the consortium has provided a clear path for the addition of new features, such as improved messaging or cyber security.

The changes are minor in terms of technical content. VXI-11 is no longer a mandated protocol, it is replaced by implementations of mDNS and HiSLIP, which support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).  IPv6 was developed to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion.  In the LXI Device Specification 2016, Revision 1.5, VXI-11 is now an optional "Extended Function." Vendors implementing VXI-11 are still required to implement the protocol in the same way as earlier versions of the specification. In other areas the standard has been simplified by the removal of rules and recommendations related to mechanical aspects of LXI Devices. Wherever clarifications to Version 1.4 of the standard have been published, these have now been included in the specification.


Thanks to all our readers.
Bob Helsel, Editor

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New LXI Products

The LXI Consortium has certified more than 3642 instruments in over 305 product families since the specifications were first released in September 2005. Some of the recent LXI product introductions are highlighted below:

Keysight N6705C DC Power Analyzer, Modular, 600 W, 4 Slots
4-slot mainframe holds up to 600 W of total power and up to 4 modules. More than 30 DC power modules to choose from (modules ordered separately)

Chroma High Power DC Electronic Load Model 63200A series

  • Rated power:3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 12kW, 18kW, 24kW, Max. 240kW (Parallel)
  • Voltage range: 150V, 600V, 1200V
  • Current range: 2,000A max. per unit
  • CC, CR, CV & CP operation modes
  • CR+CC, CR+CV, CC+CV complex modes

Pickering Interfaces 2-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis
The 2-slot chassis is USB 3.0 compatible, has a fully compliant LXI interface and also comes with the availability of a Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately). These communications standards enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers and tablets that support HTML5; allowing for a very practical route into a variety of applications in the modular test and measurement market.

CHYNG HONG ELECTRONIC Co. Ltd. DSPWr Series Power Supplies
Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply(CV , CC , CP)
Wide range output, programmable voltage, current and power.
- 3U height, output voltage from 0~80V up to 0~1500V, output current from 0~30A up to 0~540A.

Good Will Instrument GSP-93xx Spectrum Analyzers
GSP-9300 is a light, compact and high C/P ratio 3GHz spectrum analyzer. The GSP-9300 frequency range stretches from 9kHz to 3GHz and features many functions such as radio frequency and power measurement, 2FSK digital communications analysis, EMC pretest, and active component P1 dB point measurement.

Tektronix TBS2xxx Oscilloscopes
With a 9-inch WVGA display, 20 million point record length and 1 GS/s sample rate, TBS2000 Series Oscilloscopes capture and display significantly more signal to help you evaluate designs faster.

R&S®FSVR Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
The R&S®FSVR combines a full-featured signal and spectrum analyzer with a real-time spectrum analyzer. In real-time operation, the R&S®FSVR seamlessly measures and displays the spectrum in the time domain with a span of up to 40 MHz. 

Pacific Power Source AFX Series programmable AC, DC & AC+DC
AFX models are available in power levels ranging from 9kVA to 60kVA. All models are based on a proprietary, all-digital, power conversion technology platform that supports a set of formerly unavailable features and capabilities used in programmable power sources. 

Pickering Interfaces LXI Modular Matrix Chassis
The modular matrix chassis offers you a solution that can be easily re-configured by the insertion and removal of sub-cards. It is purchased as an empty chassis with a quantity of sub-cards required for a particular matrix size. 


LXI Consortium Publishes the
LXI Device Specification 2016

The LXI Device Specification 2016, Revision 1.5 can now be downloaded from the LXI website. 

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