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From Bob Helsel, Editor of the LXI Newsletter:

Welcome to the January 2013 issue of the LXI Newsletter!  Our goal is simple – to keep you aware of how LXI has made test system development easier. It's about your time.  By standardizing and extending LAN, LXI offers you new possibilities in test systems—local, remote, distributed, time-aware. 

In this issue, Introducing LXI to a Network Administrator, gives network administrators a summary of key elements necessary to understand connecting LXI Devices to their corporate LAN. Our second article, Designing a Vibration Measurement Application With LXI, shows how LXI off-the-shelf instruments can quickly accomplish vibration tests.

In the New LXI Products section, we highlight a few of the recently introduced products. LXI instruments now number over 1900.

In the New LXI Links section, please note we have our own LXI video channel on YouTube.

For more information, go to http://www.lxistandard.org.


Introducing LXI to a Network Administrator

by Conrad ProftProft InFocus, LLC


This article is written to give network administrators a summary of key elements necessary to understand connecting LXI Devices to their corporate LAN.

When purchasing LAN equipment, you expect it to work reliably, consistently, and according to LAN standards.  You will filter out those devices that do not work properly and settle on key components that meet your needs.  Without adherence to standardized LAN protocols, an errant device can be a nightmare to configure, use, and support.
LXI Devices adhere to a number of LAN standards, but they go further.  Every LXI Device must pass rigorous, third-party testing to be called LXI conformant.  LXI means all conformant devices will connect to and communicate on a LAN in a known and predictable manner. It also means they have web pages for describing communication and configuration that are common between LXI Devices.

A majority of the measurement instrument manufacturers established the LXI Standard in 2005 to bring about this common behavior for LAN-based instruments.  It was a huge step in compatibility such that a test engineer that builds a test system with LXI conformant devices can rely upon that LXI common behavior.  As a network administrator, you can rely upon the LXI Devices to behave properly on the network in much the same way as a computer.


Designing a Vibration Measurement
Application With LXI

by Kristin Sullivan, Data Translation

New cell phones, PDAs, Netbooks, and fancy consumer devices are being introduced at breakneck pace. These developments must get to market quickly, and assuring their integrity requires that severe shock and vibration testing is done faster and better than ever before. Time is of the essence to get large quantities of new products in the consumer’s hands. Without adequate drop tests, shock-mode dynamics, and force measurements, customer acceptance may be compromised.

The emergence of the LXI standard holds the promise of plugging together off-the-shelf measurement boxes that can quickly accomplish these vibration tests. Compatibility in software and hardware with the known experience of Ethernet, the basis of LXI, makes system tests feasible under the rapid time pressures for these new consumer products.


Thanks to all our readers.
Bob Helsel, Editor



Download information on our new 1256L, high-density LXI switch system


New LXI Products

The LXI Consortium has certified more than 1919 instruments in over 228 product families since the specifications were first released in 2005. Some of the recent LXI product introductions are highlighted below (in order of submission):

Pickering Interfaces 65-110 WLXI Wideband Modular Matrix
The 65-110 is a new modular platform providing a solution for connecting up to 16 of 104 X connections simultaneously to16 measuring devices on the Y axis with a usable BW of 500MHz.

Data Translation DT8824-HV LXI Module
Data Translation’s DT8824-HV LXI Module extends ultra-accurate, high-stability measurements to high voltage ranges.

EADS North America Test and Services’ Racal Instruments™ 1256L, LXI Switching System
The 12-slot, 2U 1256L is a high-density, high-performance switching system solution designed to satisfy many different applications. 

Agilent B2961A 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source

  • 6.5 digit source
  • Wide and bipolar voltage/current sourcing (100 nV - 210 V / 10 fA - 10.5 A, 31.8W)
  • Best-in-class noise performance (10 µVrms, 1nVrms/√Hz) with external filter

Kikusui PWX750ML DC Power Supply

1U Multi Range Programmable DC Power Supply (Switching system, CV/CC)

The PWX750ML is a constant voltage (CV)/constant current (CC) automatic crossover DC power supply, which enables you to combine a wide range of voltages and currents within the output power rating.


Rigol Technologies DP8xx DC Power Supplies
DC power supplies: 1 to 4 channels


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